Excellent Website Hosting | No Questions Asked | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Excellent Website Hosting | Streamer Cloud will give your money back to you if you are unhappy and no longer want to continue your hosting plan with us.

Streamer Cloud’s “mark” is nothing less than to provide our clients with excellent hosting. We have two number one goals at Streamer Cloud.

Clients for Life

Clients for life is the easy one. We have to provide an excellent hosting experience, and our clients will stay. If for one reason or another a client of ours is not satisfied with the services we offer, and after working with our Zealous Support team a logical solution cannot be achieved within the first 30 days of their plan or package, we take care of them. We want our clients happy in the end.

Our goal is “Clients for Life” and even if this means parting ways with our clients.

‘Streamer Cloud’s promotional plan pricing only covers the first fully paid term of the chosen plan. All Streamer Cloud promotional cloud and web hosting plans will automatically renew at the industry-leading low regular rate. Streamer Cloud feels confident in our services and products that we offer our clients a 30-day money back guarantee. We want our clients happy with our services and products.

When a Streamer Cloud hosting plan is canceled within the first 30 days, the client will receive a full refund on the hosting service plan price only. Add-on services such as a domain name, domain name privacy or any add-on purchases through Streamer Cloud that involve a third party are not eligible for our30 day money back guarantee.

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Any StreamerCloud promotional web hosting plans that include a free domain name and the plan is canceled within the first 30 days will have a fee of $15.99  (USD) deducted from the refund. This fee is for the purchase price of the domain name. The client is the owner of the domain name and domain name is there to what they choose and is not returnable or refundable. The domain name may be transferred to another registrar or pointed to other hosting services are the clients so desires. Once the domain name has finished the registration process and is transferred over to the client, that domain name becomes theirs, and they are the owner of it. They will retain ownership of the domain name as long as they follow the renewal process based on the term given at the time of purchase. Learn More About Domain Name Purchasing at Streamer Cloud Domain Names

No refunds or money back guarantees will be granted after the first 30 day period after a plan or package has been purchased.

If you have any question about StreamerCloud’s 30-day money back guarantee, please contact us at [email protected]

All transactions and adjustments are subject to our Terms and Services.

Thank you and welcome to StreamerCloud.com

Streamer Cloud Team