Now Accepting Applications for Free Top Tier Website Hosting Services for Partnered Streamers

If you are a Partnered streamer and would like to start your own website, Streamer Cloud has a very special offer for you. is proud to present our Partnered Program for Partnered Mixer streamers.

Are you a Partnered Mixer influencer who has tossed around the idea of creating a website directly connected to your channel and your streaming brand? wants to help you become the proud new owner of a website. Not only does the Partnered Package plan provide free website hosting services, it also includes access to all in-house Streamer Cloud’s services and features we offer. 

Absolutely No Contracts, No Hidden Obligation, Seriously Zero Costs


Those who suffer from a legal impairment or are legally disabled are granted priority support. They are also eligible to receive fully managed WordPress hosting. Support can be extended and provided via relay or text service, email, or VoIP via Discord.

Streamer Cloud offers Partnered Mixer streamers the opportunity to have a website associated with their channel for free. To help Partnered Mixer streamers generate more income, Streamer Cloud wants to help by providing website hosting services free. No obligation, no commitment, no hidden costs. Verified Partnered Mixer streamers will be granted full access to our high-end website hosting and Zealous Support team services for free. 

If you are a Partnered Mixer streamer and are interested in web hosting services, send your request in writing to [email protected]. Please include your Mixer Partnered user name, a brief overview of your web-based project (ad revenue, e-commerce, app, etc..) and special web hosting requirements you may have. Once you Mixer user account is verified, one of our Zealous Support team members will contact you back. Usually, this process takes about 1-2 business days.

If you are accepted in to our Partnered Program and are not satisfied with our free services and offerings, simply inform us of this via communication with our support team and your account will be closed. We will allow up to 48 hours for you to backup and download a copy of your web files and database. 


The complete Partnered Program package includes

  • Managed CloudLinux caged elastic container community website hosting with enterprise commercial LiteSpeed web server and caching
  • All web hosting specs and features Streamer Cloud currently offers in out top-tier hosting plans.
    • A complete overview of hosting specs and control panel features included in the Partnered Program can be found on our Partnered Program Details List overview page.
  • Full access to Streamer Could’s SEO Center which includes
    • Completed access to your own SEO Dashboard
    • Complete access to all Streamer Cloud’s SEO tools
    • Complete access to our SEO Control Panel
    • For more details on what is included, please visit our SEO Center tools and features page
  • Unlimited Zealous Support access
    • Unlimited support ticket submission
    • Expedited support
    • VOIP support via Zealous Support Discord
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • WordPress installation and deployment assistance
    • Updating
    • Website hardening
    • LScache management and support
    • Plugin updating support
    • Zealous Support including WordPress Pro level
  • Full website and database backup and restoration services
    • Weekly and monthly website and database backups
    • Zealous Support with website and database restoration
  • Standard SSL (https) certificate included
  • PCI compliant server – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    • Our servers meeting PCI compliances is more to show how secure our servers are verses promoting the storage of credit card info on them. doesn’t even store payment and credit card info on our own PCI compliant servers. We recommend using PayPal, Stripe, Due, Apple Pay, Square or Amazon Payments to collect online payments.


The Purpose of Our Partnered Program

The purpose of this program is simple, Stream Cloud wants to help and support Partnered Mixer influencers. Those who have applied for and received a partnership with Mixer have made great sacrifices to get to where they are. We want to help Partnered Mixer streamers succeed.

Streamers who have an established website benefit from

  • Additional traffic to their channel from Google search results
  • Additional revenue by monetizing with Google Adsense ads
  • Able to offer current sponsors additional promotion opportunities
  • Look more attractive to potential sponsors
  • Sell branded products and merchandise from the website

These are only a few ways streamers can benefit from owning a website.

What’s included with our Partnered Program?

The Streamer Cloud Partnered Program for Partnered streamers overview:

Partnered Mixer streamers who apply and are verified would be granted free access to the Partnered Program package plan, a $24.95 per month value.

Is Streamer Cloud’s Partnered Program really free?2019-04-28T07:33:23-05:00

Yes, the Streamer Cloud Partnered Package is absolutely 100% free.

We do not require any form of payment or a credit card to be on file in our system.

The only product or service that would require payment would be from one of our third-party vendors.  99.9% of the time, Partnered Program clients would not need these services. The Partnered Program includes SSL certs, security scans, and almost all of the third party services offered in house. 

What costs does the Partnered Program not cover?2019-04-28T07:42:37-05:00
  • Purchase of your domain name and annual domain name renewal fees.
    • We recommend purchasing your domain name from
  • Any service or product offered by a third-party vendor.
  • At any point, if our system is requiring you to input a payment method and you do not know why this is occurring, please contact our Zealous Support team.
What obligations are expected after the account is created?2019-04-28T12:21:34-05:00

The only obligations you would have at this time are

  • Abiding by the Streamer Cloud’s Groovy Terms of Service
  • Maintaining Partnership status
  • Having an active domain name pointed to our names servers
  • Maintaining some form of a website or landing page on our servers
    • If our systems do not see any account activity for more than 60 days, the account will be suspended.
      • “Account activity” would be defined as logging into your Streamer Cloud Dashboard or web traffic visiting your home directory where your website files are. If there is no pulse found, our systems will plug the plug.

Note: This is a new program so as it grows, there are bound to be changes and additions as it progresses. When changes or additions are made, Streamer Cloud will make every attempt to contact the Partnered Mixer streamer to inform them of the changes or additions. 

Stipulations of the Partnered Program2019-04-28T12:25:32-05:00
  • This is a limited time offer and subject to availability.
  • Must be an active Partnered streamer with
  • Offer does not include support for third-party scripts and software, web design, or content creation.
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