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StreamerCloud.com is platform and resource which is owned and operated by live streamers for live streamers. Online video game live streaming as an industry is widely un-represented. Online content creators and influencers have very few resources available to them when it comes to growing their online brand. At Streamer Cloud, we know what live streamers are looking for, what they want, and what they need. Almost all need to earn more income while they are live streaming. How do they do this?

In comes Streamer Cloud.

StreamerCloud.com provides Video Game Influencers The Content and Tools They Need to Help Increase Their Chances of Success.
How Can Streamer Cloud Help Video Game Streaming Influencers?

StreamerCloud.com offers a multitude of free and paid online recourses and content which was created to help video game live streamers grow their streaming brand, increase their income and help improve the overall chances of streaming success.  Streamer Cloud also offers promotional and marketing services that specifically target sponsors best suited for a specific streamer. This part of our business is still under development. Currently, our efforts are focused on offering simple, easy to use website hosting that was designed to help video game streamers easily create and maintain their own website. We provide cheap, simple, secure and reliable web hosting services that allow video game streamers to quickly get online and create their very own website to enhance their online streaming brand.

Our goal is a simple one. We want to help both full-time and part-time video game streamers achieve success beyond “the channel” allowing them to grow their online streaming brand and business.

Online video game streaming is a serious business and many full-time, and part-time streamers are missing out on the many additional benefits which a branded and properly monetized website can bring them. Websites help attract sponsors. Sponsors love and want to see websites. A website is a tool which can be used to leverage sponsors further by offering additional opportunities for marketing.

Yes, StreamerCloud is Very Secure | Server Security Level: Maximum

The last thing our support team wants is to have is a security breach.

Online video game streamers are targets themselves when it comes to hackers. Combine streamers and web hosting servers, and you end up with one significant security risk. StreamerCloud spares no expense when it comes to the security of our networks, systems, and servers. From our firewalls and redundancy to our encryption, StreamerCloud is protected by industry-leading technologies and software.  We implement the latest online security practices and standards along with requiring our team and third-party sources to follow our strict security measures and guidelines. Our clients depend on us to keep them online. We do not intend to let them down.

Join StreamerCloud today and start your secure journey beyond your channel.

Who Is StreamerCloud.com?

From day one, StreamerCloud.com was designed and developed with the video game streamer in mind. Streamer Cloud was also created and developed by streamers and streaming influencers. Our lead developer and one of the owners of StreamerCloud.com is non-other than the Legendary Video Game Streamer Himself, GamerNinja.

After two years of streaming on a daily bases, GamerNinja stopped streaming for four months to dedicate the time needed to bring Streamer Cloud to reality. This was also during a period his channel was seeing substantial growth. At the time, GamerNinja was subscribing to many streamers and donating money to streaming channels weekly.

The concept behind Streamer Cloud comes to form its owners GamerNinja. He is a multi-platform video game streamer and live streaming influencer with channels on Mixer and Twitch. He is passionate about helping newly Partnered streamers on both Mixer.com and Twitch.tv who stood out to him. He subscribed to many channels while at the same time donating to multiple channels weekly.

GamerNinja wanted to help Partnered streamers achieve goals and attend the events such as PAX East and PAX West. These type of events for average live streamers are expensive with travel and accommodation expenses. He took the funds he was using to subscribe/donate and put those funds into Streamer Cloud instead.

After Streamer Cloud was open for business, GamerNinja pioneered the first of its kind Partnered Program. Streamer Cloud’s Partnered Program provides Partnered Mixer live streamers the best website hosting services and in-house products and features free of charge. Owning a website has a dual effect on Partnered live streamers. One, it gives them easy to deploy and use, managed, high-end, dependable and secure website hosting with no monthly charge. Partnered Mixer live streamers can easily create and maintain a site while monetizing it with Google AdSense ads and earn money.

StreamerCloud.com Services and Solutions

What Streamer Cloud Has to Offer

Streamer Cloud offers the best website hosting services possible. We designed our entire UI and services with the live streaming influencer in mind.

Every video game live streamer and online content creator who is serious about what they are doing has an end-goal of attracting sponsors and generating an income. Gaining a live streamers brand more online exposure allows them to stand out from the rest, increasing their odds with success. What’s the number one way to increase a brand’s online exposure? Social media is undoubtedly a part of this, but the number one way to increase a brand’s online exposure is by having a website.

We provide inexpensive, secure, reliable and straightforward website hosting services, allowing live streamers the ability to get online and create a good website related to their brand easily and quickly. A website can start earning additional income for a live streamer the day it is launched. 

Besides Web Hosting, Streamer Cloud Also Offers:

  • Online Brand Ownership Assistance
  • Streaming Channel Logo and Branding Design Assistance
  • Brand Marketing Services
  • Online Content Creator Public Relations (PR) and Promotional Services
  • Live Streaming Channel Management Services
  • Industry Leading SEO tools
  • Zealous Support

Plus we offer a 30-day money back guarantee

An established live streamer needs to have a website. Unlike other online entities, live streamers have a following that they can advertise their website too. A website will generate additional income/revenue through the monetization of Google Adsense ads and ad space sold to sponsors. A website will also give a live streamer a professional edge that new sponsors are looking for. As soon as a live streamer is able to get a website where they want it, they will never look back. Once they start placing Google Adsense ads on their website, they start earning additional income. 

We get it. For many, a website has the appeal of being a daunting task which involves a ton of time. Live streaming influencers have very little extra time. We save time by offering the most straightforward, and easiest options the website hosting industry has to offer. The best part about all this, the more a live streamer’s channel and brand grows, the more money their website will be generating.



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The number one excuse of live streamers who do not have a website is they have no time. 100% of those same live streamers will say they need more money.

Online video game live streamers are multi-tasking machines. Running a successful channel requires a tremendous amount of time and dedication. Streamer Cloud has been and is developing solutions to help live streamers start a website with minimal effort. We offer an web hosting knowledge base that offers support for basic to complaex tasks.

When it comes to converting viewers and followers into subscribers, adding value to the “sub” is rule number one. Custom emojis can only go so far. A website can help when it comes to adding value for potential subscribers. The more subscribers a live streamer has the more possibilities there are with attracting paying sponsors.

  • Create an in-house subscription program
  • Develop a “members only” area for subs
  • Hold contests and giveaways
  • Start growing a database of your following
  • Start a newsletter and connect with your followers via e-mail
  • Professionally appease video gaming industry sponsors
  • Reviewing video games and streaming related equipment and software

The possibilities are endless.

A website will allow a live streamer to harness their viewer-ship in ways they have not been able to before. Having the ability to direct-market your following and subscribers is a powerful tool that potential sponsors love to hear.

Imagine the freedom of being in control of your following and subscribers. Maximizing the viewer experience and extending your brand past the channel and into the online world. A website can do this for those live streamers who are smart enough to embrace the challenge.